Episode 31

This week:  Vice covers the DPRK, the State’s war on Snuggeries, communication through smiling and Keene’s hired attorneys attempt to appeal the Robin Hood case.


Show Notes

One response to “Episode 31

  1. On redefining words…

    In the case of “kidnapped and put in a cage,” that isn’t a redefinition. That’s a description of what actually takes place, presented without the connotations of legitimacy “arrest” has.

    In fact, “arrest” is a made-up word, albeit an old one, that means “to kidnap someone and prevent their independent travel, but only when it’s done by a state agent.” Since it has been around for centuries, and so has the brainwashing around these terms, saying “Eric got arrested for peeing on a tree” doesn’t get the (correct) emotional response that “Eric was peeing on a tree when he got kidnapped and put in a cage,” so there is a good reason to use the description of events instead.

    That’s my two bits. Good show, guys. Rock on!