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maybe we’ll play it on the show

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10 responses to “Contact

  1. Okay I watched the whole Episodes 23 and 24, right up to the oil derrick jelly-fish thing. Shaunna, James and Garett are great guests. The sniper thing was really good. I’ll have to figure out when you come on tv though, I wish you’d post the one-hour version, or does someone else at cheshire tv do that? looks to me that 24 isn’t on you-tube, but i guess that is consistent with the difficulty in uploading discussion.

    • The one hour version that plays on Cheshire TV Wednesdays at 10pm is just the first hour of each episode. I’m currently working on grabbing a two hour slot. All of the episodes can be found on my Youtube channel: ‘Conan Salada’

  2. Good show. I did laugh. I skipped over the drug transformations but was looking forward to the Garret transformation as the 8-10 shots of vodka hit his system. That never occurred. The April Fool’s joke was pretty well played.

  3. hey man your show sucks mayor ken lane’s balls. if nobody raises a middle finger in response then your show never existed. you’re wasting precious electrons dude.

  4. Can you create an option to allow downloads of your show in mp3 format? I listen on my phone and it pops up a new player in a different window. This is alright, but would be better if it didn’t constantly reset and cut the show off, forcing me to restart the episode and try to find out where I was at. Is there anyway that you could create an option that actually lets you download the episode in mp3 format, so you don’t have to stream it? I really like your show! Keep up the good work.


  5. Thanks for the help, but I can’t get it to download on android. I’ll try stitcher and see how that works. I’ll be calling you and leaving a message soon. I wish you weren’t cutting the show to just once a month, I’m going to miss hearing you guys so often.


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