Episode 43


  • Panel: Conan, Rapsher, James
  • 5 Gum = Illuminati propaganda
  • Need to play more Muse
  • Matthew Bellamy = Freddie Mercury
  • Bill Hicks = Alex Jones
  • Why conspiracy theories matter
  • Government kills agorism
  • Fire those sucky teachers

Break song: Powerman 5000 – ‘When Worlds Collide’

  • Vote week in Keene
  • School district breakin the law
  • Spends $23,000 on advertisements
  • Still more on Keene pedestrians
  • Anarchy flag = 16 year old delinquents
  • Rapsher recommends The Sopranos

Closing song: Radiohead – ‘Karma Police’

Rapsher’s closing song: Metallica – ‘So What’ (cover)


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