Episode 37


Panel:  Conan, Darryl, Joe

Darryl sells car for bitcoin

Republicans hate duck killers

NH police help man propose during traffic stop

Politico.com says NH is #1 state

Joe’s dog loves socks

Break song:  The Stranglers – ‘Golden Brown’

What if Google was a guy

Bible code with Joe

Closing song:  System of a Down – ‘Lost in Hollywood’


From Nick

Dear Conan,

Just wanted to say that your show is awesome. I’m on the other side of the country from Keene but am always glad to see individuals getting together to discuss how bad the current system is. Anyways I wanted to send you a link to this song that I think you will really like. It’s off of comedian, Trevor Moore’s comedy album that came out in 2013. The whole album is great and I recommend you check it out but definitely give this song a listen, I am sure you will dig it.


Trevor Moore – Time For Guillotines

Trevor Moore – Founding Fathers


From Sam

Santorum got a song especially for him!:

GO GOOGLE YOURSELF (“Consider Yourself”—from Oliver!)

Oliver! (1968) OST 05 Consider Yourself

Go Google yourself—Don’t dodge!

Go Google yourself—Senator Leubenschidtt!

Your prudery is so nuts,

The same


Means “Stuff that leaks from butts.”

Go Google yourself—Uh oh!

Go Google yourself, and it’ll pop right up!

Your policies pry,

You see:

We de-


Laws against pri-


At some point in this race,

You should face


Your “morality”

‘s To blame

For being so disgrace-

d That they’d place

In lexicons

Such a concept by your name!

Go Google yourself—We’ll wait.

It’s not a surprise, we bet.

And if you win the delegation from our state,

“Santorum” is just

What we’ll get!


COPYRIGHT JA 2012 by Sam A. Robrin. Creative Commons, blah, blah, woof, woof. Go ahead and use it (hey, I lifted the melody), but if you make a little money on it, I want some!


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